Gently apply Ink Soap to a cotton pad and gently rub in a circular motion going with the direction of your brow hair. Pat dry.

Apply Ink Oil in the same direction. Wash Brows gently morning and night for the first two weeks, followed by Ink Oil.

Apply Ink Oil 3 times a day or as needed. Avoid excessive sun exposure for at least 14 days. If you are in the sun, protect your brows by wearing a hat or large sunglasses.

After 14 days, I recommend you keep applying a thin layer of Ink Oil before sun exposure, and this will aid in premature fading.

Avoid washing your brows with facial cleansers etc. and do no let them get soaked.

Avoid Pools, hot tubs, saunas, excessive sweating for 14 days. Avoid facial treatments on brow ears for 14 days.

If using anti-aging or acne products that lighten, brighten, or tighten, avoid using them in or around your brows for 30 days. These products WILL almost immediately fade and or change the color of your brows.

Lip Blush Aftercare

Gently rinse with cool water, morning and night, for ten days.

Apply Ointment five times daily for ten days.

No picking or scratching at scabs

No spicy food for the first three days

No products or makeup on lips until completely healed.