PMU Training

3 Day Microblade Training

$2800 with $500 deposit

My three-day microblading training course will equip you with the fundamental knowledge that you need to perform microblading. You’ll not only learn how to master the art of microblading, but also how to feel comfortable working with any client that might come your way. You’ll learn color theory, proper sanitation, which techniques work best with different skin types, and proper healing techniques. This training comes with a kit that includes enough product for your first 50 clients,You will have the opportunity to work on a live model as well as receive continuing support throughout your career.

1 Day PMU Shadow

$1000 with $250 deposit

This advanced class is perfect for anyone who has already been certified in pmu. In my advanced class, you’ll learn techniques for building your business, connecting with clients. All Trainings come with a machine, some extra swag, and access to advanced support.

Training options below:

  • Lip Blush: Lip Blush can help give the appearance of fuller and more even lips. We’ll discuss the unique requirements of tattooing the skin around the mouth, as well as how to blend pigments from the edge of the mouth into overall lip shading in order to create a natural effect. We’ll also discuss local anesthetics and healing to try and ensure clients’ comfort.
  • Machine Shading / Ombre Brows: Ombre brows offer unique possibilities for clients with atypical skin types, and are a useful procedure for every permanent makeup artist to be comfortable with. We’ll practice with the tools unique to ombre tattooing. We’ll also discuss combining these procedures with microblading to tailor designs to clients’ wishes.


6 months
$500 a month includes hands on support as well as aftercare for clients

For students who have successfully completed their PMU Certification" Below this text add "We will build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses and help provide you with confidence and knowledge for your career in permanent cosmetics.
Students can schedule their models to be done under my direct supervision

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will training last?

Full 8 hour days

Will lunch be provided?